Sarine diamond light score

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Diamond beauty at the intersection of cut quality and light performance

Maybe you recall seeing a diamond from across the room that made your jaw drop. It exuded more sparkle, more fire than any other you had seen before. You weren’t imagining its beauty, Not all diamonds are created equal.

Sarine Light precisely measures the way light enters a diamond and how it is returned to an admirer’s eyes. It’s called light performance and it uses a special loupe to accurately assesses which diamonds reflect the most brilliance, sparkle, fire and symmetry, and which don’t.

sarine diamond loupe
Sarine diamond loupe

Sarine Light was created by Sarine, the world leader of precision technology for the diamond industry. There is no way on earth to measure and report the beauty of a diamond than with Sarine Light.

Regardless of size, a perfectly cut stone with a Diamond Cut Score of 100 and light performance grade of Ultimate 3 is the most beautiful diamond anyone can own. It’s quite likely others will be admiring the ring on your finger. The one that sparkles and shimmers.

sarine light diamond report
Aarine light diamond report