8 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

8 Carat Diamond Shapes

Choosing and buying a significantly-sized diamond ring is a high commitment purchase – both financially and emotionally. if you have no idea where to start or what to look for in a quality diamond.

An 8-carat oval diamond ring is a significant investment, and having help selecting the best one can make all the difference. Following this guide can give you a good start on what elements to look for and what can affect the price tag. 

8-Carat Oval Diamond Size 

When exploring the alternatives for diamond cuts in the market, it is helpful to know the differences between the carat weight and the size of the finished product. 

Carats is a weight measurement that equals ⅕ of a gram. For example, when looking for an 8-carat diamond, you can expect it to weigh 1.6 grams. The size of the diamond will vary even if the carats are the same. 

Knowing this is important to understand why some 8 carat diamonds appear much larger than others – they may be the same weight, but they can have very different shapes.

8-Carat Oval Diamond Price 

The total cost for an 8-carat oval diamond will fluctuate greatly, depending on the clarity, color, and other vital elements. You can expect to pay anywhere from $12,500 up to a whopping $40,000 or more per carat for this diamond size.  

That means your 8-carat oval diamond engagement ring can start around $100,000 and creep up to $320,000 or more. 

Of course, the price for your 8-carat diamond ring will highly depend on the four Cs, as with any diamond: 

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat

8 carat oval diamond cut

One thing to be mindful of when considering an 8 carat oval diamond is that some will have been cut to ensure that they hit the magic 8 carat mark, rather than being cut to maximise their brilliant. After all, jewelers know that they will be able to sell an 8 carat diamond for significantly more than a 7.5 carat diamond, even if the 7.5 carat diamond has a much better shape.

It’s therefore important to ensure that your 8 carat oval has nicely rounded sides (rather than being overly straight) and that it has an even curve to the end (rather than being squared away).

8 carat oval diamond color

The color for an oval diamond will come down to preference, but it can vary depending on the color setting you use for the ring.

For example, a yellow gold setting is best with a J near-colorless oval, while a platinum or white gold setting looks best with a colorless or near-colorless oval like a G.

Viewing a selection of 8 carat diamonds next to the ring setting color that you are considering will be helpful for you to understand exactly what you are comfortable with.

8 carat oval diamond clarity 

The clarity of your oval diamond ring is a measure of the amount of inclusions (or ‘flaws’) in the diamond, and how easy they are to see. Ideally, the diamond will be ‘eye clean’ which means that it looks perfect when looked at with the naked eye, although this may mean that inclusions are able to be seen through a loupe.

Oval diamonds can hide flaws well as they are a brilliant cut – their angled facets and the sparkle they deliver can hide inclusions under the surface. At the same time though, larger diamonds mean a larger top table, which can mean that

What to Watch For When Buying an 8-Carat Oval Diamond Ring  

The oval style of this ring sits in the top three spots when examining popular diamond cuts, including the round and cushion-cut stones. So why is the oval so famous when there are ten mainstream cuts to choose from for your next ring? 

The answer can lie within the individual’s taste or the stone itself. An oval diamond will have several benefits that make it an attractive choice. Even so, there are some elements to watch out for when purchasing this style. 

Flattering and Functional

An oval diamond is quite the flattering look for anyone’s hand. These elongated diamonds help give the illusion that the fingers are more slender. 

In addition, they should not possess any sharp corners or edges, making them a better choice for anyone worried about chipping or damage from daily wear. 

Faces up large 

Because this cut extends in length, 8 carat diamonds look larger when mounted in a ring than many other diamond shapes like the cushion or asscher cuts.

Price Is Lower 

Choosing an oval diamond cut will be easier on the bank account than it would with many other styles if you are budget-conscious. For example, you can save a significant amount of money when choosing an 8-carat oval diamond over an 8-carat round cut for an engagement ring. 

Sparkles Brilliantly 

The oval shape will provide a brilliant sparkle to any hand and hide imperfections better than other diamond cuts. In addition, because there is a more visible surface showing, it will catch the light beautifully and sparkle as it should. 

How to Get a Great Oval Diamond Ring 

Choosing an oval diamond engagement ring does not have to be a stressful process. With some simple tips, you are sure to find a ring to suit anyone’s tastes. 

However, with oval diamonds, it isn’t as simple as getting a flatter diamond. There is so much more to consider. Some other elements include: 

  • Length-to-width ratio
  • The depth and table percentage 

Length-to-Width Ratio

Depending on how you want the ring to look, the length-to-width ratio is one of the most critical factors when choosing an oval diamond. 

The higher the ratio is, such as a 1:1.75 cut, the longer and skinnier the diamond will look. Conversely, lower ratio measurements, like 1:1.20 cuts, will produce shorter, fatter ovals. 

Generally, in a typical oval diamond length, the width ratio falls between 1:1.35 to 1:1.50. Although, anything lower or higher is an entirely personal preference. A good sweet spot is around 1:1.40. 

Depth and Table Percentage 

The depth and table percentage of an oval diamond ring will significantly impact the final cost and how it looks. 

The depth to width percentage measures how deep the cut is when compared to the top surface. The higher the percentage is, the more chance of the oval diamond creating a bow-tie effect. 

This bow-tie effect is when light cannot hit all angles of the diamond, and there is a darkening within the stone, resembling a bow tie. It is not a desirable feature for anyone looking at oval cuts. 

The table percentage of a diamond is the flat top surface of the stone in comparison to the rest of the diamond. While having a large table is good, a sweet spot provides enough light to enter for maximum brilliance while allowing reflection from the edges. 


You do not want to rush the process when deciding on an 8-carat oval engagement ring. There are several aspects to consider, so you can be confident that you have what you want in a beautiful piece of jewelry. Often, using the services of a trained professional who knows diamonds can help point you in the right direction and make the entire process easier. 

Having an experienced and trustworthy professional can help make this entire process more straightforward. If you have any questions or concerns about finding the best 8-carat oval diamond ring, those at Diamond Oak can help every step of the way.