8 Carat Diamond Ring

Deciding to purchase an 8 carat ring is a significant investment. You want a jewelry piece that is visibly stunning, as well as good value. 

Diamonds may be the most common precious stone used in an engagement ring as they portray the infinite love between two people, 8 carat diamond rings most certainly are not common due to their size and expense.

However, they are an exquisite choice, with the fact that the number 8 is a symbol for eternity meaning they make an apt choice for engagement rings. 

Buying an 8 carat diamond ring is a significant commitment, so it’s a good idea to get the best guidance possible when doing so.

Knowing what to look for, and what to be careful of, can ensure that you will be happy with your purchase and enjoy it for years to come.

8 Carat Diamond Size  

If you ever wonder, “how big is an 8 carat diamond?” you are not alone.

There is actually no easy answer to that question – it depends on many factors, including not only the shape of the diamond you are considering, but also how well that individual diamond itself has been shaped. 

One thing that needs to be understood before the we consider 8 carat diamond size is that ‘carat‘ is a measure of a diamond’s weight rather than its size.

This is important because it can mean that two diamonds that weigh the same can look very different sizes.

Think about people:

  • If someone is 6 foot 6 and 250lbs, it’s likely that they are reasonably slim, despite being quite heavy. Their side profile will be long and slender.
  • However, if someone is only 5 foot 6 and 250 lbs, it’s likely that they are overweight and their side profile will be shorter and more rotund.

It can be the same with 8 carat diamonds. A diamond that is cut to be shallow will have more of its carat weight available to spread out, which will mean that it will look larger when viewed from the top.

But a diamond that is cut deep will have less carat weight available to spread out, so will be narrower when viewed from the top and will ‘face up’ smaller.

You can think of the various table sizes for 8 carat diamond rings similar to the old riddle; what weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks? Of course, both of these items weigh a pound, but you will see a lot more feathers than you would bricks.

Popular 8 Carat Diamond Shapes 

If you have decided that an 8 carat ring is the perfect choice for you, your next option is which cut shape will suit your style needs. Because of its larger size, practically any shape will look terrific, but some are more popular than others. 

Although the brilliant round cut is the most popular choice for diamond rings of any size, with an 8 carat stone, this option is stunning. Thankfully, that is not the only shape that an 8 carat diamond will look exquisite with, though. 

Choosing a shape that faces up larger means that you can can make your 8 carat diamond ring more impressive. If you want something apart from the classic round brilliant, you have many choices. 

An emerald cut shape is a fantastic option for an 8 carat stone. This elegant style looks great on all types of fingers and helps give the illusion of a more slender hand. It also has a more shallow depth, which helps to increase the table visibility, making the stone look more prominent than other 8 carat styles. 

Another extremely popular design shape for this weight is the oval. If you want a stunning 8 carat engagement ring, you will not be disappointed with this style. Like the emerald cut, the 8 carat oval is extraordinary with its shallow depth and elongated table.  

We have guides to all 10 of the most popular diamond shapes:

8 Carat Diamond Price

Prices for 8 carat diamond rings are highly dependent on many elements, with prices ranging from around $150,000 and go up to $600,000 or more, depending on a huge range of factors. 

These factors include 3 of the 4Cs of diamonds

8 carat diamond cut 

The diamond’s cut quality is a significant element that can alter a price tag.

Not only does the cut determine the shape of the stone, but it also refers to the depth, width and how well it has been optimised to reflect light. How deep the stone cut is will determine how easily light can enter the diamond and reflect to the eye in the form of brilliant sparkle. 

The supply and demand principle applies to diamonds as well. The more people want a specific cut, the higher the price tag will be. 

Some shapes are easier to create than others, while others result in more ‘wastage’ of the rough diamond, which means that a large diamond is needed initially. It’s worth reviewing a range of shapes to see which you like and which fit within your budget.

8 carat diamond color 

Color in an 8 carat diamond will have a considerable impact on how this stone looks. Of course, colorless diamonds with the highest grade will cost more as they are the rarest, while diamonds lower on the scale that include slight or pale yellow hues are more accessible and less expensive. 

For some color grades, there is a minimal change in how white it looks and unless you compare diamonds of different grades side by side, you may not be able to tell a higher-quality stone from one that is a grade or two lower. 

By choosing a lower quality that is still attractive, you can save yourself tens thousands of dollars from the total price. 

A good starting point for 8 carat diamond rings is I color on the grading scale, and it’s a good idea to look at a few options that are both higher and lower than this, to understand where you are comfortable. Some people like the warmer tones of a diamond a little lower on the color scale, while for others, only an icy-white diamond will do!

One last thing to consider is the color of the setting that the diamond will be mounted in. If you are choosing a white setting (usually white gold or platinum), then it’s likely that you will want to choose a slightly higher color grade. However, if you are choosing a yellow gold setting, then you may be able to reduce the color grade to a J (or even lower) without the diamond itself looking yellow.

8 carat diamond clarity 

As with all diamond factors, the higher a diamond is graded on a quality scale, the rarer it is. So, a flawless diamond is much less common than then an included diamond. And 8 carat flawless diamonds are extremely rare indeed!

A natural consequence of rarity is expense, with flawless diamonds being the rarest and therefore the most expensive. On the other hand, stones that include more inclusions and sit on the lower end of the clarity scale will not be priced as high since they are more common.

When determining the best clarity for 8 carat diamonds, a good starting point is choosing SI1 on the grading scale. SI1 diamonds do need to be examined on a case-by-case basis, but if you can find an SI1 that you are comfortable with the inclusions on, it can make the biggest difference on how much value your diamond delivers. Eye clean SI1s are not abundant, however, so you may need to look at VS2 clarity diamonds to ensure that your 8 carat ring doesn’t show any obvious inclusions.


Of course, the carat size of a diamond is a factor in the total cost, but one thing to look at when considering 8 carat diamond rings is whether the diamond is only just 8 carats. If so, it may have been cut specifically to hit the carat weight, rather than being cut with the aim of creating a beautiful diamond.

This doesn’t mean that all diamonds that are 8 carats exactly are bad, just that it may be worth examining them extra closely to ensure that there weren’t compromises made e.g. cutting it very deep to increase the carat weight which actually means that it faces up small.

Watch-Outs When Buying an 8 Carat Diamond Ring 

Any significantly-sized diamond is a considerable investment, and it can be worth engaging someone to help you with your search if you aren’t comfortable with making such a large decision on your own. In this section, we’ll look at some of the things to be careful of then considering an 8 carat stone.

Large diamonds, like 8 carats, tend to show inclusions more due to their expansive table areas. Therefore, minor imperfections that are not noticeable in lower carats can be more visible when the diamond is more extensive and will reflect more light. Because of this element, it might be harder to find a cut that will lessen any flaws for a more eye-clean diamond. 

The setting plays a significant part in how an 8 carat diamond will sit on a ring and look on the finger. Many individuals shy away from a stone with a high setting and opt for more shallow depth cuts. This way, there is less chance of chipping the stone, catching the ring on clothing, or having it sustain damage during wear. 

Often square shapes, like the princess cut, are not as desirable as other design shapes. You want to ensure that the design you choose will look great for 8 carats and does not show imperfections or cost you more money than it should. 

It can be challenging to know which diamonds to choose, especially if you have no background knowledge or experience with precious stones. Learning how diamonds are cut and graded can help you make better choices for a ring. 

Even so, there may be times where you are unsure of the quality or value of an 8 carat diamond. Getting help from someone who knows the ins and outs can make the process easier and less stressful. 

Another way to protect yourself is by purchasing your diamond ring through a reputable dealer. Some rings will come with certification, providing you that extra insurance that a third party inspected the diamond and guarantees its value. 

What to Look for When Buying an 8 Carat Diamond Ring 

So, how do you choose the best 8 carat diamond ring? Well, by following some simple guidelines, you are sure to select a stone that looks great and is of good value for your money. 

Getting help from a trustworthy source, like those at Diamond Oak, can help guide you through the entire process so you make the best decision possible. 

Obtaining an engagement ring of this size is an investment. This type of purchase will require you to explore all contributing factors to make an educated decision. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on a ring that looks just okay. 

You want to select a shape that helps compliment the magnitude of 8 carats. Choosing the wrong cut can mean that you may be hindering the brilliance that this diamond could have in the right design and setting. Emerald cuts and oval shapes are terrific choices for 8 carat diamonds because of the elongated table they offer. 

The clarity of an 8 carat diamond ring can be crucial. Large stones, like these, will show flaws and imperfections easier than smaller carats. Although everyone wants a perfect-looking diamond, the higher the clarity grade, the more money you will shell out.

High-quality diamonds on the higher end of the clarity spectrum will also be rarer, making them harder to find. Although choosing a lower grade clarity diamond can save you money, it may not be eye-clean, or you may have a more challenging time finding one that is.