Understanding diamond shapes

8 Carat Diamond Shapes

There are 10 classic diamond shapes that are typically chosen for diamond rings or engagement rings.

At 8 carats, some of these are more common than others, as some shapes just look better at these larger sizes. It is typically the elongated shapes that are most popular at high carat weight, as they look long and elegant on the finger, rather than dominating.

Round diamonds

If you’re looking for a traditional, classic stone, the round brilliant cut diamond will meet and exceed your expectations.

The most popular and sought after cut at smaller carat weights, this stone manifests the most exquisite refraction of light and inner luminosity.

A versatile stone, a Round Cut diamond lends itself to a myriad of setting designs, working effortlessly with other Round Cut as well as the Oval & Radiant Cut. Should you decide to set your stone as a solitaire, the Brilliant Round Cut is powerful and resilient enough to stand alone and make a true statement at 8 carats.

round diamond image

Princess cut diamonds

For one of the most important occasions of your life, the Princess Cut diamond is a timeless choice for engagement rings.

Traditionally square in shape, this cut is best mounted in solitaire to the dimensions of your choice. While the splendor of any diamond is due largely to its intrinsic quality, this cut is forgiving and allows the stone to sparkle with stellar radiance.

The beauty of the Princess Cut diamond is in the bird’s eye view, whereby every surface inch of its clarity is most visible.

princess cut diamond image

Emerald cut diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds truly accentuates the clarity of whatever class of diamond you purchase, and are an excellent choice for an 8 carat ring.

Due largely in part to the rectangular facets of its pavilion, it bears an inwardly luminous and outwardly prismatic glamour. Should you desire a stone with a more square form as opposed to this traditionally rectangular one, we suggest the Asscher cut. Consult your length-to-width ratio guide to help determine how traditional or modern you would prefer your diamond to be.

emerald cut diamond image

Asscher cut diamonds

Asscher-cut diamonds are quite similar to Emerald-cuts, with the distinction of being deliberately square and modeled by rectangular faceting.

Due to sharp and plentiful surface area, one should choose with refinement a higher clarity grade of diamond as this cut displays brilliance with the same vigor that it would display any color, especially around the edges.

As they are cut to be deep, rather than wide, Asschers stand up higher than many other diamond shapes, and at 8 carats are an uncommon choice.

asscher cut diamond image

Marquise diamonds

Nothing speaks of femininity, elegance and timeless sophistication like the Marquise-cut diamond.

The gentle sloping of either side allows the stone to sit with polished romance on any setting. Accentuated perfectly by pear-shaped stones on either side, the Marquise is an exquisite display of depth and even with smaller carats is unabashedly a show-stopper.

While the choice of 8 carat marquise diamonds may be limited, if you can find a good stone they can be the most flattering shape of any on the finger.

marquise diamond image

Oval diamonds

Fluidity can only be achieved by this excellent shape. The Oval-cut diamond is very modern and lends itself to being spectacular as a stand alone piece or integrated by other ovals or round stones.

Pleasing to the eye, the oval cut in not gaudy but subtle, and elongates the finger delicately – important at high carat weights. Unique in its ability to refract light, the Oval-cut is the epitome of simplicity and grace.

oval diamond image

Pear diamonds

While aesthetically a popular shape, as a diamond cut, the Pear is anything but commonplace.

The Pear-cut is a breath of fresh air as far as cuts are concerned, making a definitive statement of unsurpassed originality. As with the oval, but further accentuated by the tapering, this cut of stone elongates and slims the bearer’s fingers, making it delicate and light. As far as luminosity, it is comparable to the most faceted of the lot, with unparalleled sparkle and falls into the brilliant cut category.

Pear diamond image

Radiant diamonds

Called Radiant for a reason!

An essentially square-to-rectangular shaped diamond, this cut boasts facets best appreciated from bird’s eye view. With signature beveled edges, this cut is versatile and easily multifunctional for use within jewelry craft. Another clever result of its smoothed edges is that the stone marries well with either round-sided or baguette diamonds.

A popular shape for higher carat weights, especially when they are rectangular, rather than square.

radiant diamond image

Heart diamonds

Deep, immortal, unfettered love. The pairing of this shape and the very constituencies of a diamond are effortless.

The heart traditionally symbolizes the epitome of love and this diamond cut represents happiness and eternal embrace. A playful, yet mature formation, the Heart-cut diamond shines within bird’s eye view and while color may be visible within the edges, once the suitable diamond is selected, this shape will become your favorite, rendering you a proud owner of a very unique piece.

heart diamond image

Cushion cut diamonds

Another modern cut, the Cushion or Pillow-cut diamond, is deeply faceted producing remarkable brilliance and luminosity.

Imagine the decadent clarity and stellar qualities of this stone gracing any jewelry setting of your choice. Regal and full of pomp and pageantry, the Cushion-cut is a solid formidable stone that lends itself to integration with other rounded-edge stones or even as a solitaire.

cushion diamond image