8 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

8 Carat Diamond Shapes

You can be sure that they have exquisite tastes and style for anyone who has their sights on an 8 carat emerald cut diamond ring. This stone style is rarer than other cuts, making it an extraordinary choice for any avid diamond lover. Consequently, this exclusivity also comes with a higher price tag unfortunately.

So, what do you need to know to select the best emerald cut diamond ring for you or your loved one? The unique cut of this stone may require you to pay attention to some aspects that are not as vital in other variations. Knowing what to look for and how to choose a high-quality diamond can be easier when you get help from someone with the knowledge to guide you in the process.    

The Notorious Emerald Cut Diamond 

An 8 carat emerald cut diamond ring is a sight to behold on any hand. This elegant and vintage-inspired cut works well in many classic settings while still being a trendy style. Although this cut was initially for emerald gemstones, you can find it with diamonds as well. So remember, there is a significant difference between an emerald cut diamond ring and an emerald ring. 

This design’s long, distinct lines are not as popular with engagement rings, making it less desirable. However, that does not mean it is any less beautiful. In fact, an 8 carat emerald cut diamond ring will reflect light just as an 8 carat oval or round style will but does not give off the same sparkle. 

The Cost-Savings of an 8 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Once you start shopping around at different cuts, settings, and styles, you will quickly find the emerald cut can be an extremely affordable option compared to other 8 carat diamond ring choices.

There are several reasons for this price difference. 

  • Easier to cut
  • Less waste
  • Lower demand 

Since this variation is easier to cut, someone with less training or less experience can create this beautiful diamond, and it will not cost as much. The clean, straight lines also help to minimize any waste from shaping, so you are sure to get an affordable diamond at a lower price. 

Even so, some individuals prefer a more sparkly diamond and stray away from this style, making it less desirable. An 8 carat emerald cut diamond ring with less demand can mean it will not cost as much as an 8 carat ring with a different cut. 

Selecting the Ideal Emerald Cut Diamond 

Even though an 8 carat emerald cut diamond ring price is lower than another variation, some individuals will still be cautious of this style. Because the diamond is relatively shallow, imperfections will show a lot easier than when the same diamond stone has a round or cushion-style ring cut. 

One vital aspect of choosing an emerald cut is to examine the cut, color, and clarity of the diamond for your next 8 carat ring. These elements will help you select the best possible stone. 

Some Critical Tips for Choosing Emerald Cut Diamonds

The carat size and weight of an emerald cut will differ significantly from other styles of diamond rings. An 8 carat cushion-cut diamond will look smaller and most likely cost more than an 8 carat emerald cut option. Even so, these elements will help you choose the best stone for your ring.


The best setting for an emerald cut diamond would be the classic four-prong style. Holding the stone in place at all four corners allows as much light as possible to enter, giving it that bright flash that many people associate with it. 

These stones look great as a solitaire but are also terrific choices with baguette stones or in a pare setting. So there is some versatility when you choose an emerald cut for your next ring. 


Because the emerald cut style uses a large table top for reflecting light, flaws and imperfections are more visible. This drawback makes it critical that you should opt for SI1 clarity or higher to ensure that any inclusions are minimal. 

Some SI1 classes are not as eye-clean as you want, so it can be a good starting point, although higher can mean a nicer looking stone. 


Selecting the right color class is another vital element in choosing the best emerald cut diamond. When examining the color, a higher class may not be as better as it is in other cut styles. In addition, because light enters directly from the table without much sparkle, the stone’s color is more apparent. 

Choosing a slightly lower color grade will give you the perfect mix of flash and color without increasing the price too much. One of the best color choices for an 8 carat emerald cut diamond ring will be I or higher. This class allows some warmer yellow tones for a beautiful ring.  

Length-to-Width Ratio 

Of course, the length-to-width ratio will considerably affect how the ring looks on a hand. For example, a 1:1.5 ratio gives you a diamond that is twice as long as the width. 

For a handy style guide, shorter 8 carat emerald cut diamond rings look better on longer fingers, while high ratio cuts will help wider fingers look slender and long. On average, the 1:1.4 length-to-width ratio tends to be the sweet spot for many individuals sporting this style. 

Choosing the Perfect 8 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Keep in mind that it can help to seek assistance from someone knowledgeable and trustworthy in the market when selecting an 8 carat emerald cut diamond ring. A piece of jewelry this size is a significant investment, and you want to be sure that you find the best stone possible for your budget. 

The professionals at Diamond Oak can help guide you through finding and selecting the perfect stone. From clarity, color, and cut, having assistance makes buying your next diamond ring more straightforward. This way, the ring you choose will be one that you will love for generations.